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Tara Stafford, LCSW and Yogi

I AM brave to stand here and ask you to join ME. Will YOU be brave and join ME?


I AM Tara and I lead women circles that offer the medicine needed to move through the light & the dark. I've experienced the medicine in these circles and I want to share it and celebrate it with you!

Since I was a young girl I've worked and practiced being hard, full of boundaries and chasing perfection. During the last three years I have journeyed through heartbreak and darkness and I have been utilizing women's circles as the medicine that has helped nurture me back to my true essence. These experiences have brought me back to who I AM

However, I AM not without fear or insecurity. I fear that I am out here raw and vulnerable offering an authentic version of me and that others won't show up and sit beside me. I am fearful that my insecurities and the unworthiness I/we carry as women, are cut so deep that it will keep US from really showing up together.

I have learned that standing in my power and being ME allows me to become connected to who I truly am. It allows me to be vulnerable and share the difficult times as well as my successes. My dark wounds lead me fiercely into the light.

I invite YOU into a confidential circle of women who come together to lift one another up, not tear one another down. I invite you to come and show up as YOU.

I ask you to join me and celebrate all parts of US, our journeys as women and how brave YOU are for standing here shouting 'this is ME'!

I celebrate that this bad ass, brave self of mine is offering these circles filled with medicine to help YOU heal. YOU are a brave bad ass for joining me! Its not easy to step into the 'arena'.

I AM brave to ask you to join me. Will YOU be brave and join ME? I would love to have YOU in any circle or a 1:1 session!

Phone/text: 925-980-0961