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Tara Stafford, LCSW and Yogi


I AM Tara and I lead women circles that offer the medicine needed to move through from the dark into the light. I've experienced the medicine in these circles and I want to share it and celebrate it with you!

Since I was a young girl I've worked and practiced being hard, full of boundaries and chasing perfection. During the last four years I have journeyed through heartbreak and darkness and I have been utilizing women's circles, yoga, therapy, and expressive art as the medicine that has helped nurture me back to who I AM!

I have learned that standing in my power and connecting back to my heart, mind, body and intuition allows me to show up grounded. My dark wounds lead me fiercely into the light.

I invite YOU into a confidential circle of women who come together to lift one another up, not tear one another down. I invite you to come and show up as YOU. 

I ask you to join me and celebrate all parts of US, our journeys as women and how brave YOU are for being here.

I celebrate that this bad ass, brave self of mine is offering these circles filled with medicine to help YOU heal. YOU are a brave bad ass for joining me! Its not easy to step into the 'arena'.

I AM brave to ask you to join me. Will YOU be brave and join ME? I would love to have YOU in any circle or a 1:1 session!