Expressive Art for Healing


Here is an invitation for you! Come create art with me. Get some art supplies, anything will do! There are no mistakes here! Settle into a comfy seat in a quiet place and take a listen. After the meditation, pause the video. The invitation is to create until you feel ready to stop. Share your art with me via fb or email! I would love to see what you create. Let's connect in an circle this September! The healing benefits are endless.

Some Background: Katie and I met in a Winter series of the Practice® almost 4 years ago. Both of us were in transition and in our own healing journeys. Today we came together as professionals and friends to share our passion, making self-care foundational in our work. Katie S. Raher, PhD is a School Psychologist and the founder of Constant Love and Learning, a place for educators to prioritize their own self-care needs, learning social-emotional-learning tips and tricks and so much more! Katie's exclusive offering to the educators she works with include interviews by healing professionals like me. Today, I was able to share my passion with her exclusive group and I get to share it here with you! Her passion for students, educators and administrators is unconditional. If you want to learn more about Katie go to The offering I mention at the end of the interview is Becoming Grounded which can be found HERE

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