The birth of: Kids Lotus Club!

At the start of SIP due to COVID-19 I offered a few 'meet ups' with my kids and their friends via zoom. I would read a story, do some art or provide a meditation or two. I did this for a few weeks to help my kids from feeling low about not seeing their friends. My intuition began to tell me, 'kids need this right now'. My kids were enjoying and my heart was enjoying it. There were no rules. Just us coming together to gather and share. I was using my skills as a social worker, teacher, art docent volunteer, and a mom to determine what we would to do each day.

Kids Lotus Club was birthed out of this mess called COVID-19. I decided after spring break I would launch this 'club' idea. Zoom made it easy and mom friends encouraged me to keep it up.

It is now Monday 5/18/2020 and I have been offering the Kids Lotus Club for 6 weeks now. We meet Monday through Friday and my kids, 9 & 12 years old participate with me. We start off with a guided meditation that leads us into an expressive art session and we close with some yoga movement. It has been the highlight to my days and weeks during this time.

There have been more than a few moments where my heart stopped. Kiddos saying things with their art, 'I miss my friends', 'I miss my school and teacher', 'I am going to give this to my teacher because I miss her." After providing a guided meditation to travel anywhere they wanted most of them imagined they to traveled to a place they would have gone to on Spring Break, had COVID-19 not kept them home. One afternoon, during our check in from our weekend, a student said she didn't want to share her weekend because she had some 'sad news'. After a bit of encouragement and reminding her that no matter what all feelings are welcome at the Club. She then shared that her hamster pass away that weekend. Others club members shared about the loss of their pets over the years. In this moment I saw she wasn't alone anymore.

We all need our own sacred time and we all could benefit from additional coping mechanisms to get us through this time, so does our kids. The Kids Lotus Club is an option for your child if they are between the ages of 8-12. Go to to find info on signing up!

May 2020 Testimonials:

"The lotus kids club has been great for my little! I can see that it is nurturing the little artist in her, assists in her love of movement, and is helping her in a time of missing her friends. I love that she has made this a priority in her day and it has become her “me time”.

My niece participates. "I usually get a call on Saturdays asking about signing up for class for the up coming week. This past weekend, I got a call Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 7:30am asking about the class. She absolutely loves it. She doesn’t reveal much but she looks forward to the class. And I understand, I felt the same way when I first attended The Practice®. Kids Club is her sacred time and space where she is present and does not have to worry about anything but being in that moment. She holds this time close to her heart".

"My child really enjoyed the Art the most (I loved watching him do yoga!!). He said it was really nice to see other kids and get to do things with them""

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